5 Tips For Renting Your Home in Mackay

For many homeowners, renting out their main home for a period of time can seem like the perfect solution to generate additional income whilst they're away. From an extended holiday through to a stint of work overseas, why leave a house empty when it could be generating valuable rental income? Unfortunately, getting reliable tenants who are going to pay their rent on time and look after your asset can be a challenge. Drawing on our extensive experience in renting properties across the Mackay area, we've put together five tips that can help you find suitable renters, fast.

Present your property in good condition

It goes without saying that renters prefer light, bright properties that are well-decorated and in a good state of repair. A new coat of paint and fresh floor coverings can go a long way to convincing tenants that your property is the one for them!

Clean and declutter

Everybody loves a clean, pristine home. That's why it's vital that your home is as immaculate and clear of personal clutter as possible. 

Tidy up your garden

An inviting frontage provides an attractive invitation for any renter! A well-kept lawn, trimmed bushes and some bright bedding plants make a great first impression. Off-road parking is also an attractive option for renters. If you haven't already created a driveway or similar on your frontage, it could be an investment that significantly increases its appeal to renters.

Added extras!

Features such as super-fast broadband, an energy-efficient heating system, an area for outside entertaining (including a BBQ, fire pit or similar) and high-grade appliances in the kitchen can all add appeal to the rental.

Market the property effectively

The best property in the world isn't going to be snapped up by eager renters if it's not marketed properly. Great pictures that showcase your home are essential to attract interest. It's also important that your property's details appear in front of the right calibre of renter!

Although it is possible to market a property yourself, it's often more effective to use a professional rental agency.

They can provide a range of different services, including:

  • Taking suitable pictures that show your property to its advantage.
  • Advising on a rental price that's right for your location.
  • Local knowledge of the best outlets through which to advertise your property.
  • Arranging showings to interested tenants.
  • Conducting appropriate background checks to ensure the tenants you end up with are trustworthy and have sufficient means to pay the rent.
  • Ensuring appropriate paperwork is completed, including taking a bond if necessary. 
  • In some cases, a rental company will also facilitate the completion of any on-going repairs that are needed whilst you're away.

As an established property management agency in Mackay, we are ideally placed to handle all your rental property requirements. Contact us for more information. Call us now!