Rental Inspection Checklist: Cleaning Tips for Renters


Getting the house nice and clean tends to be a dash to the finishing line. Without a checklist to guide you, the chances of missing a thing or two are high.


In this article, we share a checklist you can use.


The Living Room

  1. Lights - ensure they are working and without dust or marks. Watch out for smudges or black spots on the switches that should be wiped away.
  2. Walls - if you have young children, please make sure they do not leave markings on the wall. Where there are fingerprints or ball marks, wipe them away too. If there are cracks or mould appearing, be sure to inform the rental agency beforehand.

Floor - Be it carpet or timber, ensure your flooring is free of stains and marks. If you have hard flooring, keep an eye out for cracks.

  1. Plumbing - leaky taps should be addressed
  2. Kitchen sink - ensure they are squeaky clean. Grime and dirt should be removed.
  3. Cabinets and other fixtures - apart from staying clean, they should be in good working condition too. The knobs and handles must be in the correct places, and front of cabinetry should be wiped down.
  4. Appliances - the oven will be the biggest of them all. If you use it regularly, it's good practice to clean it regularly too. With the others, ensure they are in good working condition.

Kitchen top and tiles - remove any grease or dirt from tiles and bench top.


  1. Plumbing - toilets are not unnecessarily running water, and there aren't any leaks.
  2. Tiles, bathtub, sink and shower screen - give them a good scrub well in advance.

Toilet - ensure it is odour free and well scrubbed.


  1. Walls and cupboards - they must be stain as well as dust free. The cupboard or wardrobe doors must be in good working order.

Windows and doors - if cobwebs and dust have found a home in them, you'll need to 'evict' them before inspection day. With the doorknobs, handles and locks, ensure they are working as well as they were when you first moved in


  1. If you have a patch of grass, remove any weeds and tidy.

A rental inspection doesn't have to be stressful. With this checklist, you've got yourself covered. For more information, review your tenet guide or Contact us to discover more tips and hints.